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Date Species Stage Location Reported By
01/11/2014Red Admiral (1)AdultStraidkilly Nature Reserve, Carnlough, Co. Antrim. D295164Cathal McNaughton
On the wing in early afternoon sunshine.
02/11/2014Small Tortoiseshell (1)AdultThe Beeches, Spa, Ballynahinch, Co. Down. J362494David Nicon
On late flowering buddleia
02/11/2014Small Tortoiseshell (1)AdultBurren Road, Castlewellan, Co. Down. J281350Derek Flack
04/11/2014Red Admiral (1)AdultComber Grrenway (Kings Rd - Abbey Rd), Belfast, Co. Down. J394735Ron Price
05/11/2014Painted Lady (1)AdultSW of Hilltown, Hilltown, Co. Down. J192252D Allen & C Mellon
Flying in bright sunshine - seen well at close range
05/11/2014Red Admiral (1)AdultBallyhenry Road, Comber, Co. Down. J472702David Nixon
05/11/2014Red Admiral (1)AdultGreystown Road, Downpatrick, Co. Down. J474479Ron Price
07/11/2014Peacock (1)AdultBelfast Castle gardens, Belfast, Co. Antrim. J329791Cormac E Hamill
flying fast against the blue sky. I.D 90% certain
07/11/2014Red Admiral (1)AdultRingdufferin Road, Killyleagh, Co. Down. J530568Ron Price
07/11/2014Red Admiral (1)AdultClay Road, Killyleagh, Co. Down. J518554Ron Price
09/11/2014Speckled Wood (1)PupaLoopland Crescent, Belfast, Co. Antrim. J361728Stephen OBrien
Found under lip of lid on glass recyling box in yard
12/11/2014Small Tortoiseshell (1)AdultInside Community Centre, Gilford, BANBRIDGE, Co. Down. J066485IAN RIPPEY
Hibernating inside a building
14/11/2014Small Tortoiseshell (1)AdultStormont estate, Dundonald, Co. Down. J407746Paul McCullough
Found basking on a wall on a warm and sunny day.
22/11/2014Red Admiral (1)Adultnr. Temple Water, Casteward, Strangford, Co. Down. J575503Graham McElwaine